Sunday, 2 December 2012

A very belated blog post!! Vintage camera project

So, since starting university at the end of September I have literally been thrown in with a fast paced heavy workload based subject! Which is why I haven't blogged as soon as I would have liked to! Anyway my first project was based on vintage cameras and over the summer I had to collect these and respond to them. Here is some of my work from it.

We were given 10 seconds to draw and each time we had get quicker to include more detail. 

'Mood' drawings, I chose tired, calm and frustrated. Can you guess which is which?

Drawing using lines, no outlines were allowed! This was surprisingly difficult!

Left hand drawing.

Drawing without looking

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Using pastel as a background colour and the drawing with ink.

Again using pastel but this time using charcoal and chalk to draw the camera.
A1 drawings: