Sunday, 2 December 2012

A very belated blog post!! Vintage camera project

So, since starting university at the end of September I have literally been thrown in with a fast paced heavy workload based subject! Which is why I haven't blogged as soon as I would have liked to! Anyway my first project was based on vintage cameras and over the summer I had to collect these and respond to them. Here is some of my work from it.

We were given 10 seconds to draw and each time we had get quicker to include more detail. 

'Mood' drawings, I chose tired, calm and frustrated. Can you guess which is which?

Drawing using lines, no outlines were allowed! This was surprisingly difficult!

Left hand drawing.

Drawing without looking

Add caption

Using pastel as a background colour and the drawing with ink.

Again using pastel but this time using charcoal and chalk to draw the camera.
A1 drawings:

Friday, 31 August 2012

Fathers Day present

I made this back in July but haven't caught up with the blogging which is why I'm doing it now!! Ok so i know its slightly late, but as fathers day was the day before all my work had to be in and then i was away i made this for him (with all the spare material i have from my last project!) plus i think it is more personal and is a nice touch (especially as it was late!) 

Back pieces
Front piece

Appliqueing strips 
Appliqueing letters
Sewing it up!
Label i made to go with the cushion
Cushion pad inside and its finished!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fashion show 2012

Many days were spent practicing for the fashion show. Fortunately for me all i had to model was my skirt i had made for the pink project! I did manage to take some photos of everyone practicing so here they are: (sorry for the bad quality photos - they were taken on my phones camera)

And now for the real thing! (photos courtesy of Niall Taylor who took the photos that day! Amazing might i add!)

The evening was amazing and everyone did so well, no trips or falls and everyone seemed to enjoy it (including everyone modelling!) So well done to everyone for such fabulous pieces on the catwalk!

FMP my exhibition space

Painting exhibition spaces........... or rather each other!

Exhibition space before

Exhibition space after