Friday, 31 August 2012

Fathers Day present

I made this back in July but haven't caught up with the blogging which is why I'm doing it now!! Ok so i know its slightly late, but as fathers day was the day before all my work had to be in and then i was away i made this for him (with all the spare material i have from my last project!) plus i think it is more personal and is a nice touch (especially as it was late!) 

Back pieces
Front piece

Appliqueing strips 
Appliqueing letters
Sewing it up!
Label i made to go with the cushion
Cushion pad inside and its finished!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fashion show 2012

Many days were spent practicing for the fashion show. Fortunately for me all i had to model was my skirt i had made for the pink project! I did manage to take some photos of everyone practicing so here they are: (sorry for the bad quality photos - they were taken on my phones camera)

And now for the real thing! (photos courtesy of Niall Taylor who took the photos that day! Amazing might i add!)

The evening was amazing and everyone did so well, no trips or falls and everyone seemed to enjoy it (including everyone modelling!) So well done to everyone for such fabulous pieces on the catwalk!

FMP my exhibition space

Painting exhibition spaces........... or rather each other!

Exhibition space before

Exhibition space after

FMP final pieces - mugs

A little something extra for my exhibition.

FMP final pieces - scarf

I wanted to try digital printing within my project so after creating a photoshop design, i sent it off to a company called who did an amazing job at printing it! 

Close up of the print

FMP final pieces - bags

I wanted to use some text instead of imagery somewhere in my work so i thought of doing some facts about each animal i have used and print it onto bags. 

'Zebra stripes are unique to each individual'

A giraffes tongue is 18 inches long' 
'A group of rhinos is called a crash'

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

FMP final pieces - bunting

I made 3 different sets of bunting, 2 were rectangular and 1 triangular. I made them using image transfer and appliqué. Each one has a 5cm loop at the end so they are easy to hang up and they are all approximately 150cm long. 

For my first piece of bunting i used animal silhouettes in different shades of orange, purple and green. 

My second piece of bunting i used different colours to appliqué on the animals.

My third piece of bunting was triangular and for this i used the animal print on the background with the corresponding animal in lots of little silhouettes on top.