Monday, 30 January 2012

My little pink box!

So as you've probably seen from previous posts (and which i might not have explained) is that i have the colour pink for my current project 'Skirting the Rainbow', which at the end of the 3 weeks we have to produce a skirt. The image above is all the things I could find that were pink in my house (mainly from my room!) and as you can see it ranges from hair accessories to toys to rosettes to large and small vaseline tins, sweets, thread, ribbon, my chanel perfume box, nail varnish and there are probably a few other things tucked in there somewhere! Although i have found a lot of objects they all seem to have a girly theme linked somehow (no surprise as pink is quite a girly colour!).

Friday, 27 January 2012

My new make up bag :)

I bought this new make up bag a few days ago from Boots, it is Ted Baker and it looked so pretty and girly that I had to get it! It was only £8 so i thought it was time to change. I love how the colours are very soft shades with a small pop of orange on each side.

Picture perfect

Picture perfect

H M flare dress
£15 -

Pleaser heel pumps
$80 -

Mulberry hot pink handbag
$5,500 -

I love you.. in pink

Pretty in Pink

Sunday, 22 January 2012

A - Z of Me

Age - 18.... i feel so old!!

Bravest thing i've done - kareoke.. i know it sounds silly but if you know me, you know i wouldnt do this! (plus i might have had a drink or two :p)

Chore I hate - i hate them all, i am quite lazy! But i really dont like washing up, its all the little bits of food!
Dogs or cats - well i have both, but i suppose there's more to talk about with dogs.

Essential start to the day - make up! I wont answer the door even if its the postman!

Fear of - clowns! They just look really creepy!

Geographical location that is important to me - my house. Its the only place i can properly relax and take my make up off!

Height - 5ft 6 i think?

Instrument i play - does my ipod count? i dont play an instrument now but i used to play the piano, flute, guitar, violin and of course the recorder!! I also got forced to join the orchestra in year 10.

Journey, my best ever - I think Cuba has to have been the best! It was a photography college trip in February 2011 and its somewhere i thought i would never go.

Kiss ass music track - Spice girls - Wannabe!! Every time i hear i want to get up and sing... except i cant sing...

Lust after - a Birkin bag. I did a whole project on them for textiles A-level and now i really want one.
Movie - Sex and the city :)

Nickname - well i seem to have different nicknames from different people. I'm also one half of the comedy duo (Abby is the other half) and one half of tweedledee and tweedledum (again abby is the other!)

Outrageous behaviour - im normally quite good :) though being in zante might have changed a few things :p but what happens in zante stays in zante!! But apart from that photocopying peoples student cards and putting them round the art block with my partner in crime abby :p so everyone keep your student cards on you!

Pet peeves - people who constantly talk or boast about themselves. Seriously.. SHUT UP!

Quote from a movie - 'The brave do not live forever but the cautious do not live at all' Princess Diaries 

Recreational activity - horse riding and shopping :)

Siblings - 1 brother

Television - 90210, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Made in Chelsea, The Only Way Is Essex, Desperate Housewives, Geordie Shore and all those kind of programs.
Undercover, what you didn't know about me - well you've already found out that i ride from recreational activity but a lot of people always say that they didn't know that about me. I also have a Mulberry bag which was an 18th birthday present which i LOVE :)

Va va voom, who gets my engine running - Liam from 90210, Chuck from Gossip Girl and now Spencer from Made in Chelsea - he looks so much better than he did in series 1!

What makes me stop and stare - anything expensive, or something really pretty!

X-ray vision, what i would see if i could - to read people mind would be pretty cool! But maybe just for a day rather than forever.

Yummy, what i like to eat the most - i really like carrots and houmous as most people will know. And does a creme brulee latte count? they are so good! 

Zzzzzzz, what makes me sleep - my bed :)