Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hand Knit Technical Folder

Our hand knitting was to be done alongside the machine knitting and we were taught various techniques as well as crochet. Thankfully I had already done a bit of knitting and crochet at A-level and over the summer holidays so it was just a matter of reminding myself how to do it rather than learning it from scratch! We learned 10 knitting techniques including the basic garter stitch and stocking stitch and 4 crochet techniques. All the yarn I've used I have dyed myself and are 4ply. 
Here are some of my samples from hand knitting:

Decreasing at the top and Increasing at the bottom


Close up of Ribbing

Moss Stitch

Close up of Moss Stitch


Close up of Cables

Lace - Staggered Eyelets

Bobbles (close up)

Fair Isle

Crochet Samples:

Slip Stitch

Double Crochet

Close up of Double Crochet

Half Treble Crochet

Close up of Half Treble

Double Treble

Close up of Double Treble

Creative Samples:

Crocheted granny square
Crocheted coral
Crocheted snowflake (about 6cm wide)

Friday, 28 June 2013

Machine Knit Technical Folder

As print and embroidery were based on the collections project, knit was based on the grids/structures and colourwash projects. 

Learning how to machine knit was really interesting as it is something I have never done before. There were 19 techniques to learn and although I found it difficult to start with, I soon got the hang of it and really enjoyed it! This was good to learn and would be good to revisit at some point in the future! All my samples are using my own dyed 2ply wool.

Here are some of my samples from this project:

Fair Isle/ Jacquard knitting
Close up of the Fair Isle/ Jacquard knitting above
Fair Isle/ Jacquard knitting
Hand lace - Single needle holes
Laddering - Method 1
Laddering - Method 2
Shaping - Increasing and decreasing 
Cables (close up)
Hand Tuck Stitch
Punch Card Tuck Stitch - One colour. Although this was only using one colour, I was using a yarn that i had dip dyed which is why this sample looks slightly two tone. 
Tuck Lace
Partial Knitting

The next 3 pieces were my creative samples using the knitting machine:

Punchcard with stripes

Lifting with different coloured stripes. I used 3 different coloured yarns for the stripes, two of which I had dip dyed which is why some of the stripes are tonal. 

Tuck lace with two different colours. Both the yarns I used for this were ones I had dip dyed which makes the sample more interesting to look at.
Close up of my third creative sample