Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hand Embroidery Technical Folder

As part of the embroidery project I also had to have a go at hand embroidery, learning new stitches and using an embroidery hoop. This part of the project had to be self taught as there was no time in the 2 and a half weeks we had to be taught any of these techniques. There were many stitches to learn as well as having to do some creative samples as well. 
Here are some photos from my hand embroidery folder:

Basic running stitch and variations

Backstitch and variations, pekinese stitches, stem stitch and split stitch

Blanket stitch and variation and herringbone stitch and variations

Various cross stitches

Decorative motifs


Creative sample

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Machine Embroidery Technical Folder

The next technical folder I had to do was based on embroidery and was again, a 2 and a half week project. This included basic stitches along with more complicated stitches. Although most of the techniques were for decorative purposes some are also for function. As there were many techniques, I have included most of them but not all.
Here are some photos of some of my machine embroidery samples:

My folder is so full I cant even close it!

Playing around with basic stitches

Decorative stitches

Experimenting with the decorative stitches

Cross tucking

Cross stitched tucks that are undulating

Pin tucking

Pin tucking with the decorative stitches

Tailor tacking 

Cording and playing around with different stitch lengths and widths

Appliqué - common stitches used to sew material down

Appliqué - Cutting away from the middle

Applique - sewing material down using tailor tacking stitch and the pin tucking decorative stitches

Patchwork - irregular

Frayed layers - using a teasel brush to brush down the layers

Faux chenile - using a teasel brush to brush the slashed areas


Shirring elastic

Free hand machine embroidery

Creative sample

Creative sample

Creative sample

Print Technical Folder

For each specialism we have to create a technical folder, showing how to do the the various techniques and then examples of them. For this project, we had 2 and a half weeks to be taught various printing techniques and also how to prepare a screen. 
Here are some photos of my print folder which was based on the earlier camera project I did.

Heat press technique:

Trying out the different dysperse dye colours under the heat press

Making shades of colours

Overlapping colours

Using water to draw with first and then dropping dye onto it

Heat pressing images I drew with the dye onto material I dyed

Painting onto a screen:

Painting onto a screen with dysperse dye

Discharge Printing:

Screen printing with puff binder:

Printing puff onto my own dyed material

Printing puff onto a sample of carpet I found gave it an interesting feel to it. I also used pigment with one of the cameras

Overlapping the puff binder and using pigment with them 

Screen printing with foil:

I used 'gun metal' coloured foil 

I used silver foil on top of some dip dyed material I did

Printing bronze coloured foil on top of a swatch of suede like material I had

Screen printing repeat patterns:

Navy on purple

Experimenting with screen printing:

Using coloured puff binder and normal coloured binder i printed these cameras in neon colurs on top of some black material I had
On thicker material this time I printed the same camera overlapping itself. The first and last camera, I used puff however they didn't seem to puff up as much as normal

Experimenting with bright colours with the normal and puff binder