Wednesday, 25 July 2012

FMP final pieces - wall art

Canvas size - 24 x 30 cm

The blue and white zebras i appliquéd on and the white has been flocked

All the giraffes have been flocked 

Navy and green zebra has been appliquéd on

i have sewn around each rhino to give them more definition

Yellow and green giraffes have been appliquéd on

Canvas size - 31 x 41 cm

I have sewn the floral spots onto the pink giraffe and then appliquéd it onto the green material

Turquoise rhino sewn on with a button as an eye

I made the zebra with image transfer and then sewed it onto the pink material

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

FMP final pieces - cushions

All 8 cushions that i screen printed with envelope style backs
Front: Mid blue/giraffe cushion

Back: Two tone (mid blue/dark navy)

Front: Navy/zebra cushion

Back: Two tone (navy/pale blue)

Front: Red/zebra cushion

Back: One colour (red)

Front: Purple/zebra, rhino, giraffe cushion

Back: Two tone (purple/dark navy)

Front: Green/zebra, rhino, giraffe cushion

Back: Two tone (green/mid blue)
Front: Pale blue/rhino cushion

Back: Two tone (pale blue/dark navy)

Front: Pink/giraffe cushion

The navy giraffe with pink spots i appliquéd on and the pink spots has been flocked to give it a more tactile feel.

Back: Two tone (pink/purple)

Front: Yellow (with a strip of pink) /rhino cushion

Back: One colour (yellow)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Final Major Project - sketchbook

My FMP was based around animals and as i enjoy making prints and patterns this is what my final pieces were about. Here are some photos of my work throughout my project to get a better understanding of what i was doing.

Brainstorm of ideas

Looking at images on the internet for ideas and inspiration

Pinterest is always good to look at!

Powerpoint presentation that i did to the rest of my class so they knew what my project was about

From the book Print and Pattern 2, I photocopied 52 pages!! 

Taking photos of my chickens as i needed some primary imagery

The sheep and lambs just down the road from me. Perfect timing as lambs were being born around that time 

Alpacas also just down the road!
The highland cows that are kept at the yard where my horse is. They all have names to!

Research!! I found Popover Pillows on Etsy, they were really useful to look at for my project
Now off to the zoo! Leaflets i picked up at Marwell zoo
My photos from Marwell
Having looked at Alexander McQueens SS10 collection i made some prints of my own from my Marwell photos

I also wanted to try using silhouettes in my work and after choosing the 3 animals i wanted to work with, i played around with colour and scale.
Trying out appliqué with different types of material as this is a technique i wanted to use for my final pieces
Again using appliqué but making it into a patchwork

I liked the idea of patterns within the animal so i used 3 different patterns for each animal. The image above are the silhouettes i was going to use for my screen printing

Screen printing tryouts

More tryouts

Using the silhouette of the animal i have put the print of that animal within the silhouette

And the other way round! Putting the silhouette on top of the animal prints

I also visited Birdworld (& Underwater world)

Enlargements from some of my photos

Using my parrot photos, i have repeated them on photoshop. As colour is an important part of a parrot  i changed the colours for each section. 

I really wanted to digitally print but the printer in college only prints A4 and the colour didn't come out very well 

I like the idea of an illusion but using photos of my animals so i created some more using my Birdworld photos
Using the flamingo i have repeated it and made it into a coloured silhouette

More research!!

Mulberry adverts that had 'exotic' animals in. It was interesting to see how a fashion designer had used this in their work and promotion

Ideas of the types of things i wanted to make