Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Research for our Personal Projects

We were given just over a week to spend on researching for our personal project. We were given 6 titles and we had to create a pinterest board for each one. The titles were 1) Craft Skill, 2) Colour Palette, 3) Inspiration, 4) Who/What is it for?, 5) Display and then finally a concluding board including 2 pins from each of the previous boards, which will then be shown for a presentation.
Here are screenshots from each of my boards plus the links to see more of the pins on each of the boards:

Board 1 - Craft Skill

The craft skill I want to specialise in is print with a bit of embroidery along side.


Board 2 - Colour Palette

The colours I wanted to use were rich, bold colours. 


Board 3 - Inspiration

Although my inspiration was skulls I didn't want to go down a dark route with them so not only did I look at flat prints of them but also more 3D versions and sugar skulls which were often 3D or embroidered/embellished. 


Board 4 - Who/What is it for?

This board was designed for what I could make my prints into and where I would like them to be sold.


Board 5 - Display

This board was for displays I like which I could then take inspiration for to display my own work.


Board 6 - Concluding Board

This was the board I showed for my presentation which includes 2 pins off each of my previous boards, to sum up what my personal project will be. 


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