Sunday, 4 August 2013

Making Skills Technical Folder

Last technical folder for the year! This time it was for 'making skills'. In this project we learnt 22 techniques including various different types of seams, piping, making your own bias binding, darts, different types of tucks and pleats, gathering, different ways of putting a zip in and making pockets. Although I have done a few of these techniques before, it was good to go back over them and learn new ones. It is also very handy having them in a folder like this so you can refer back to any one of them at a later date if I needed to remind myself how to do something. 

Along side this project we also got taught a few of the other machines, which I have also included in this folder. The machines we got taught how to use were the embellisher, the princess pleater, the overlocker, the tufter, the Brother and Bernina industrial sewing machines, the Irish machine and the leather machine. 

Here are some of the techniques from this folder:

Back of the double topstitched seam

Back of the welt seam

Piped seam

Bias binding

Pin tucks

Inverted pleats


Centered zips

Exposed zip

Concealed zip

Here are some photos from the other machines we learnt to use:

The embellisher

The princess pleater

The tufter

The Irish machine

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