Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Personal Project - based on skull prints

Although skull prints have been around for quite some time now, I wanted to put my own stamp on them. I didn't want to go down the gothic route nor did I want to go down a route too similar to McQueen (even though I have used him as inspiration in my project). 
Here are some of my photos throughout the project:

Photos from the Catacombs in Paris

A drawing I did from one of my photos

More drawings

Using watercolour to fill in the skull

Adding colour to my work

Different ways of adding colour to my work

Looking at 'Day of the Dead' for colour and pattern inspiration

As well as looking at the skull shape, I thought it would be good to experiment with the shapes of other bones as well

Research of Alexander McQueen. Looking at the types of things he used to create patterns or add detail to using the skull shape

Using the bones and making them into a pattern within the skull. Also using the liquify took to make them less 2D

Using the image before and then creating a repeat with the skull I played around with different colour ways and scales

Same as above but using colours that seemed to reoccur throughout my sketchbook

Experimenting with the bone repeats and layering them on top of each other

Making a mood board for both fashion and interiors and looking at the types of things I could make my prints into

My 4 final skull designs (not sure why the blue one has a white circle on its head - something to do with the printer I think!)

After creating the final 4 skulls, I needed to make these into proper designs. So here are my 3 final designs:

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